Planning Area 4 - Lower Peters Canyon

Lower Peters Canyon (Planning Area 4) Approved General Plan Amendment and Zone Change for Residential Project



Planning Area 4 (Lower Peters Canyon) is bounded by Jamboree Road, Culver Drive, the Santa Ana (I-5) Freeway, and Portola Parkway. 


The Project Applicant is requesting General Plan Amendment and Zone Change approvals to allow up to 1,261 residential units within the Regional Commercial land use category. The submitted GPA proposes to change the existing General Plan regulatory caps by: 

  • Adding 1,261 residential units in the Regional Commercial land use category of Table A-1; and 
  • Reducing commercial area by approximately 200,000 square feet in the Regional Commercial land use category of Table A-1; and 
  • Modifying General Plan Table A-1 Footnotes corresponding to the proposed unit increase.  

Applications submitted for this project: 

  • General Plan Amendment (00863325-PGA) 
  • Zone Change (00870374-PZC) 
  • Development Agreement (00900866-PDA) 
  • Master Plan (00882754-PMP) 
  • Tentative Parcel Map (00884832-PTP) 

Note: For informational purposes ONLY and are subject to change.  

Project Site Plan 


Pursuant to Section 15164 of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), this project is covered by the previously certified PA 4 Program Environmental Impact Report (EIR) (SCH No. 94041030) and the April 2023 Addendum, which serve as the environmental analysis for the proposed project. The effects of the project were examined in the Program EIR, and all feasible mitigation measures and alternatives developed in the Program EIR are incorporated into this project. The Program EIR, with the 2023 Addendum, is, therefore, determined to be adequate to serve as the environmental document for this project and satisfies all requirements of CEQA, and no new mitigation measures are required.  


Links to staff reports, presentations, and associated materials will be added to this section as they become available. 


1.     City Council General Plan Amendment Scoping Meeting – 3/22/2022

2.     Subdivision Committee – 4/26/2023 

3.      Planning Commission – 5/4/2023 

4. City Council Meeting 5/23/23 - Item 3.1

5. City Council Meeting 6/13/23 - Item 4.11


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