Mandatory Low Flow Fixture Retrofit

Reference: State of California

The State of California has enacted legislation, Civil Code Section 1101.1-1101.8, which links non-compliant water fixture replacements to certain construction projects for which a building permit application is filed with the City on or after January 1, 2014. Compliance with this legislation will create cost and effort, however, the benefits of reduced water usage will serve to mitigate this over time. Additionally, rebates on certain fixtures may be available through the Irvine Ranch Water District, see the following documents, provided below to assist in understanding and/or complying with these new State requirements:


Water Conserving Plumbing Fixture

1. Address List of Pre-1994 Buildings (Commercial)
2. California State Legislation
3. Informational Bulletin 321
4. Map of Pre-1994 Buildings (Residential)