20 Ton or Less Commercial Roof Top Packaged Mechanical Equipment Change Outs

(Heat Pump Units Only)

The City of Irvine offers an automated permitting process for 20 tons or less roof top packaged mechanical equipment change out (heat pumps units only)

This automated permit is available for projects where the following conditions exist:

  • The mechanical equipment change out is ‘like for like’. Considering all type, capacity, quantity, and location(s);
  • The new mechanical units are less or equal to 20 ton capacity;
  • The new mechanical units are less or equal to 400 pounds weight;
  • The new mechanical units are not heavier than the existing units being replaced;
  • Building roof slope, where new mechanical units are to be installed does not exceed 2%; and,
  • The new mechanical equipment does not require vibration isolation curb or adaptor curb.

By clicking on the continue button to the automated permitting process, you are certifying all the above conditions exist and your project is eligible for this permit.

Be advised, if the inspector finds in your project any discrepancies with the above conditions, your permit will be canceled and your project will need to be re-submitted through the standard submission process. No exceptions.