Residential Additions / Remodels

The following items are required to be completed prior to project acceptance for processing:

  1. Plan check fees are required to be paid in full upon submittal (see Fee Schedule).
  2. Each of the following:  (Use blue or black ink only) 
    Building Permit Application 
    Residential Take Off Sheet
    School Facilities Fees form (required for Additions only)
    Recycling and Diversion of Construction and Demolition Waste form
  3. Three (3) sets of architectural and structural plans are required including the following:

a.  City of Irvine Title Sheet for Residential Additions or Remodel (fill out all applicable references) 
b.  Architectural Site Plan depicting the following:  

  • Building footprint with dimensions and setbacks. 
  • Identification of all exterior fences/walls
  • Identification and label of all easements of records (i.e. easement to neighbor or water district easement, etc.)
  •  Include the following note in the site plan and complete when confirming that no easement(s) exist on the property:

I, ____________________________, (print name as appropriate) property owner/authorized agent confirm the property depicted herein contains no easements restricting the proposed construction as shown in these plans.                                               

_______________________________,   ______________________
     (signature)                                                    (date)

Note: Projects including additions which encroach into a yard may require a survey prior to plan approval. For more information see Information Bulletin No. 302.

c.  Architectural plans that include existing and proposed floor plan layouts and roof layout, existing and proposed exterior elevations, sections cut through addition and existing structure, applicable details.  Identify in plans rain gutters on any eave, dimension on the plans, the measurement (width) of the eaves measured from the face of the wall to the end of the face of the eave including any rain gutters.

d.  Structural plans that include foundation plan and details, floor framing and/or roof framing plan (as applicable), structural details.

e.  City of Irvine Green Building Standard Notes-Residential for additions that increase the conditioned space only

  1. One copy of the Engineer's Structural Calculations (if applicable)
  2. One set of Title 24 Energy Calculations. Plans shall include:
  • All corresponding compliance forms
  • A complete list of required Installation of Certificates, Certificates of Acceptance under the heading “Construction Certificates Required” 
  1. A survey prepared and signed by a Land Surveyor or Civil Engineer licensed to practice land surveying in the State of California is required per Information Bulletin 302 for any proposed addition designed to extend into an existing side yard or to come within one foot of a required front or rear yard setback.
  2.  A geotechnical report prepared and signed by a qualified civil or geotechnical engineer is required for any addition requiring a new foundation which extends 10 feet or more beyond the existing foundation. Such report shall include but is not limited to:
  • A plot showing the location of all test borings and/or excavations.
  • Descriptions and classifications of the materials/soil encountered.
  • Elevations of the water table, if encountered.
  • Recommendations for foundation type and design criteria including bearing capacity, provisions to minimize the effects of expansive soils and the effects of adjacent loads.
  • Expected total differential settlement between the existing foundation and the proposed addition.
  1. Mechanical vents and exhaust terminations for room addition located at zero lot lines, yard easement and exclusive common areas shall comply with City of Irvine Bulletin 325.