City Policies

Administrative Services
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City Website Policy (44.6 KB)
City Council Resolutions & Ordinances 
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City Council Policy and Procedures Manual
California Green Building Standards – Ordinance #09-12 and Resolution #09-99 and #09-100
Construction and Demolition Ordinance #07-18
Green Building Resolution #05-153 and #05-154
Irvine Sustainable Community Initiative Resolution #10-83 (Measure S)
Open Space Ballot Initiative #88-1
Sustainable Landscaping Guidelines Ordinance #90-12
U.S. Mayor’s Climate Action Plan Agreement
Zero Waste Resolution #07-95
City Manager
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Dissemination of Publications Policy (93.1 KB)
City Logo Policy (27 KB)
ICTV Policy (121 KB)
Social Media Policy (116 KB)
Friendship Cities Policy (56.5 KB)
Sponsorship and Advertisement Policy (92.7 KB)  
Temporary Memorial Policy  
Visiting Delegation Protocol (57.8 KB)
Community Development 
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City of Irvine Energy Plan 
City of Irvine General Plan Energy Element 
Community Services
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Athletics Facility Reservation Policy 
Aquatics Facility Reservation Policy 
Child Care Referrals 
Collaborations and City-Supported Partnerships Agreements 
Community Facilities Reservation Policy 
Cost Recovery Policy 
Fine Arts Center Exhibit Program 
Patron Code of Contact
Public Arts Program Policy
Scholarship Program 

Public Works
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Athletic Fields Maintenance
Leaf Blowers - Ordinance 90-02
Pest Management Policy (Organic Pesticides)
Tree Root Management
Turf Management
Urban Forestry
Water Management Program