Irvine Ranch Water District
Irvine Ranch Water District (IRWD) provides domestic water service, sewage collection and water reclamation to the City of Irvine and portions of surrounding communities. Contact the IRWD for more information on their quality water service, in addition to free water conservation devices, home and business water audits utilized to increase conservation, landscape workshops, water awareness tours and information on emergency preparedness.

Orange County Power Authority
Orange County Power Authority (OCPA) is a Community Choice Energy Program which enables local government control over energy procurement—to purchase power, set competitive rates, and collect revenue. With this approach, the local utility providers still maintain the electricity grid, deliver energy, and handle billing. Contact OCPA for more information about the program.

Orange County Sanitation District
The Orange County Sanitation District is responsible for wastewater, water reclamation and watershed protection. They are responsible for controlling air emissions, conserving and recycling natural resources and monitoring the impacts of treated wastewater releases on precious ocean marine life.

Southern California Edison (SCE)
Southern California Edison (SCE) is the electrical utility provider for the City of Irvine, offering convenient, 24-hour customer service. SCE provides electrical power to homes and businesses, in addition to providing information on energy efficiency, rotating outages, emergency preparedness, electrical safety tips, and tree planting guidelines to ensure non-interference with electrical utility lines.

Southern California Gas Company
Southern California Gas Company (The Gas Company) is the provider of natural gas to those residing or operating a business in the City of Irvine. The Gas Company also provides customers with appliance services (hook-ups and safety checks), an energy efficiency and rebate program, direct-assistance program for limited income customers, and information on emergency preparedness and air quality. Contact The Gas Company during business hours for more information.