Farrah N. Khan


Vice Mayor Tammy Kim

Vice Mayor
Tammy Kim


Councilmember Larry Agran

Larry Agran

Councilmember Carroll

Mike Carroll

Councilmember Kathleen Treseder

Kathleen Treseder


The City of Irvine is a Charter City governed as a Council/Manager form of government.

The City Council is comprised of the Mayor and four City Council members who are elected at large by registered voters of the City. Councilmembers each serve a four-year term and the Mayor serves a two-year term. The City of Irvine has a two-term limit for elected officials.

Elections are held even numbered years on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November.

In the Council/Manager form of government, the City Council, as the elected body, adopts legislation, sets policy, adjudicates issues and establishes the budget of the City. The City Manager is charged with the duty of implementing City Council policy and laws as the administering head of the government.

The City Council appoints volunteers to serve on various advisory boards, commission and committees. Each Councilmember and the Mayor, may serve as representatives on intergovernmental and regional boards, commissions and committees as part of their elected capacity.

Councilmembers and the Mayor are directly accountable to the electorate and must constantly balance the views of individuals and groups with the needs of the entire community.