Irvine Shares the Way

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Irvine Shares the Way

Irvine Shares the Way is a project to improve the safety of everyone in Irvine, whether they are walking, bicycling, or driving. Irvine Shares the Way is a broad-based campaign, including educational materials, safety workshops, and other activities across the City of Irvine. The campaign will help raise awareness of traffic laws and remind residents how they can reduce the chances of a collision while walking, bicycling, and driving.

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South Yale Corridor Improvements Project

The South Yale Corridor Improvements Project will evaluate the south segment of Yale Avenue in the City of Irvine (City), between the I-405 Freeway and University Drive. The project aims to better utilize the available roadway space to best serve community needs such as safety, access to neighborhoods and the school, as well as connections to nearby parks and trails. 

This project will work with the community to identify roadway concepts to address the needs of local users along South Yale Avenue. The project was identified in the City’s 2020 Strategic Active Transportation Plan and seeks to provide opportunities for multi-modal uses. The project development activities for this phase will entail the preparation of a Project Report (study), preliminary design plans, and environmental clearance. 

For more information, see the project fact sheet below.  

Project Fact Sheet

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Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge Prioritization Study

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The pedestrian and bicycle networks form the foundation for multi-modal transportation. The Irvine Strategic Active Transportation Plan identified potential locations for pedestrian and bicycle grade separation additions that once complete can eliminate less desirable grade crossing with motor vehicles.

The purpose of the Bridge Prioritization Study is to refine the candidates for grade-separated bicycle and pedestrian crossings and develop a criteria to rank each location. Criteria for ranking will include many factors, such as constructability; cost-effectiveness; and connectivity to transit, community activity, parks, and recreational facilities.

Community engagement and input is an essential part of this study in order to align the ranking criteria with community’s needs and desires. We recently held a virtual public outreach meeting to share information about the study and gain feedback. View the meeting to learn more. 

Please check back on this page regularly for updates, and see the link below for additional project information.

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Strategic Active Transportation Plan

As part of the Irvine Shares the Way campaign, the Strategic Active Transportation Plan, with your input, will help guide the development of pedestrian and bicycle facilities and implement upgrades to existing facilities. The plan created one master document, which reviews and recommends best practices, such as:

  1. Technology needed to implement a citywide bicycle and pedestrian count program; 
  2. Design standards for bicycle and pedestrian facilities;
  3. Ranking criteria for prioritizing bicycle and pedestrian projects and;
  4. Methodology and software applications for forecasting bicycle and pedestrian travel.

The completed Plan will also aid the preparation of grant applications to fund active transportation projects that are a result of this initiative.

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The City of Irvine provides a network of on-street and off-street bikeways to encourage the use of bicycles as a safe and convenient means of transportation for both commuting and recreational purposes. This is evident by 286.42 lane miles of on-street and 113.24 miles of off-street bikeways provided in the City today. 

Bikeway Directions Through Google

  • In Google Maps, click "Get Directions". Input the starting and ending addresses and then click on the Bike Symbol.
  • The directions via bikeways will be highlighted in blue.

While every effort is made to provide accurate and timely information, please keep in mind the bikeway routes in the listed maps are intended for informational purposes only. No guarantee is made regarding the bikeway safety because conditions change. In addition, we cannot guarantee anyone’s safety by conforming to the safety tips. Please use good judgment and be responsible for your own safety at all times.

Please note, OCTA is responsible for maintaining their bikeways information, which is posted as a courtesy to Irvine residents on the City’s website.  For questions regarding OCTA’s Orange County bikeways information, contact 714-560-5319 or

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