Planning & Project Development

The Planning and Project Development Division supports the City’s circulation service area and involves the following activities:

  • Capital Improvement Program
  • Transportation and Grant Funding Programs
  • Transportation Advocacy
  • Bicycle Planning and Infrastructure Projects

Capital Improvement Program

Planning and Project Development develops and maintains the City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and coordinates this effort with the City’s five-year CIP / Strategic Business Plan.  Project Development also develops concept reports, project study reports, project reports, and preliminary engineering reports to evaluate the feasibility and cost of proposed transportation improvements.

Transportation and Grant Funding Programs

Planning and Project Development coordinates transportation funding programs and procures competitive grant funds sourced from Federal, State, Regional, and County programs.  Funding procurement monitors and interprets the respective transportation / grant program provisions and assures City compliance per regulatory and environmental mandates.  Other activities involve coordination of upfront project development activities with funding agreements, schedule, and budget for successful project implementation.

Transportation Advocacy

Planning and Project Development monitors, coordinates and participates in the development of the regional transportation systems consistent with City policies, commitments and objectives.  Transportation Advocacy protects and promotes the City’s interests through the following activities with regional agencies, local agencies, special districts, and related organizations:

  • Review of planning and engineering documents
  • Review and comment on transportation legislation and policies
  • Participate with technical advisory committees
  • Participate with regional and local transportation studies and projects
  • Provide analysis, insight and leadership on critical policy, procedural, and funding matters

Bicycle Planning and Infrastructure Projects

Planning and Project Development oversees planning, development, and funding procurement for bicycle infrastructure projects. This also involves maintaining the City's Bicycle Transportation Plan and City's Bikeway Maps.