Get Involved in Local Government

As a resident of the City of Irvine, you are encouraged to voice your opinions and desires as well as become actively involved in the City's legislative process through City Council, commission and committee meetings. The City of Irvine provides all its residents with the opportunity to help maintain their high quality of living.

The City of Irvine is a charter city and operates as a council-manager form of government, deriving its powers from both the California Constitution and laws enacted by the State Legislature. All legislative power is held by the publicly elected, five member City Council, which consists of the Mayor and four Councilmembers. While all City Councilmembers enjoy the same powers and privileges, the Mayor has the additional responsibility of presiding over City Council meetings, signing official documents and performing ceremonial functions.

The Mayor and City Council are elected at large by registered voters of the City. City Councilmembers each serve a four-year term and the Mayor serves a two-year term. The City of Irvine has a two-term limit for elected officials.

City Councilmembers and the Mayor are elected in November on even numbered years with City Councilmembers holding office for four years and the Mayor for two years. No more than two consecutive terms may be held by either the City Councilmembers or the Mayor. 

Responsibilities of the Irvine City Council

  • Establish City policy, enact and implement local ordinances;
  • Approve or deny the zoning and development of land;
  • Hire the City Manager;
  • Appoint certain City officials, and
  • Adopt annual operating and capital improvements program budgets.