About the General Plan

What is a General Plan?

The General Plan is a state-mandated document required of all cities in California. The Irvine General Plan is a comprehensive, long-range vision of Irvine's future development and preservation encompassing the built and natural environments as well as the community and economy. The Plan addresses all geographic areas of the City and its sphere of influence. It also addresses the community's relation to the region, local issues and trends, service priorities, and methods to guide development and conservation of resources.

The General Plan includes both the mandated elements of the State Government Code Section 65302 as they apply to the local conditions, and optional elements designed to address high priority topics of City interest. The General Plan is kept up to date with current issues, trends, and community needs through periodic amendments. When an amendment occurs, special attention is given to make sure that all components work in harmony and the plan maintains its internal consistency as required by State law.

How is the General Plan used?

The City of Irvine General Plan is intended to be used by residents, business owners, City officials and all those interested in the future direction of the City. The General Plan guides the decision-makers in determining whether or not land use proposals are consistent with the applicable goals, objectives and policies. It reflects the community's values and goals, and serves as the basis for all of the City's land planning policies. The General Plan also helps to determine and plan for facilities and programs that support the City’s gradual maturing over time.

The City of Irvine's General Plan Vision is to maintain a safe, secure, vibrant, beautiful and healthy community with a high quality of life and implement the City's vision for future development and preservation through its goals, objectives and policies. Please visit these relevant links for further information:

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