Electronic Submittal for Residential Solar Pool Heating

Electronic Submittal for 30 kWth (462 S.F. of Collectors) or Less Solar Pool Heating Installations for One & Two Family Dwellings

Read and Agree to Eligibility Requirements for Electronic Submittal for a Solar Pool Heating Permit (Click Here)

Complete Project Information Form

Attach a PDF of Manufacturer’s Specifications to the Project Information Form:

  • Solar Collector
  • Solar Controller
  • Solar Pump (if applicable)
  • Diverting Valve (if applicable)
  • Mounting System

Submit Form

Project Permitting and Inspection

  • The City of Irvine Will Process and Email a Permit, a Permit Card, Inspection Request Instructions
  • Request a Final Inspection (Use Inspection Codes: 112 and 206)
  • Have a Hard Copy of the Project (i.e. Project Information Form, Equipment Specifications and Documents), Inspection Card, and Field Representative Present on the Day of Inspection