Solar Installations

What rules apply to solar energy systems?
Solar installations must comply with the:

  • City's Adopted Building and Fire Codes
  • City's Zoning Code- Chapter 3-31
  • Homeowner Association Approval (residential) - if applicable

How long does City review of solar energy systems take?

Standard review for single family residential projects are 5 working days. More complex projects may take two weeks. However, electronic submittal is offered for eligible residential solar energy systems and eligible solar pool heating and solar water heating systems.

Where can I find information on rebates and other incentive programs?

Visit then enter "Orange" in the local information box, choose "Find Rebates and Incentives" and enter your zip code.

What laws affect homeowners who want to install solar?
The California Solar Rights Act includes provisions that regulate how local governments or homeowner's associations can review solar systems. 


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Solar Laws

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Solar Rebates and Incentives

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Commercial Sites

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