Current General Plan

The City’s current General Plan is provided via the links below and includes all amendments through June 2015 (Supplement 9, August 2015). All maps and graphics are included in their respective elements through the links provided.

Additional links to Land Use Element Tables A-1 and A-2, which reflect the most current approved planned land use (maximum) intensity levels and acreages by City of Irvine Planning Area, are also provided for ease of reference.

Introductory Sections

Cover and Table of Contents


General Plan Elements

A.   Land Use Element

B.   Circulation Element

C.   Housing Element (6th Cycle)

D.   Seismic Element

E.   Cultural Resources Element

F.   Noise Element

G.   Public Facilities and Services Element

H.   Integrated Waste Management Element

I.    Energy Element

J.    Safety Element

K.   Parks and Recreation Element

L.   Conservation and Open Space Element

M.  Growth Management Element

N.   Irvine Business Complex

Glossary and Appendices

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