Inspection Services

Efficiently enforcing adopted codes and standards through knowledge, integrity, teamwork and customer service, one project at a time.

The Inspection Services section of the Building and Safety Division provides quality inspection services to developers, contractors, and homeowners. Our goal is to respond to the needs of the public in a timely manner, to ensure all model codes and City ordinances are complied with, and to enhance the safety and welfare of the community. Required inspections, defined by City Ordinance, follow the typical construction sequence and must be passed before work is covered. To understand and plan for required inspections, the following link provides a code excerpt defining inspection requirements.

Required Inspections

Pre Grading Checklist

Standard Permit Conditions - Encroachment/Misc

Residential Pre Construction Checklist

Residential Remodel Pre-Construction Checklist

Non-Residential Pre Construction Checklist

Inspections may be scheduled or canceled, and inspection results may be obtained using the City of Irvine's Online Inspection Request System, or via the telephone using the Automated Inspection Request System . To facilitate inspection coordination for Homeowner projects please refer to the Instructions below.

Homeowner Instructions: Scheduling an Inspection


To resolve any difficulty in scheduling an inspection, please call the Inspection Desk at (949) 724-6396.

Please call the following persons if you have any questions:

Chief Building Official
Jesse Cardoza 949-724-6377

Deputy Building Official
Claudia Landeras-Sobaih 949-724-6330

Building and Safety Operations Supervisor
Roger Carton 949-724-6331

Grading and Right-of-Way Inspection
Gary Scott 949-724-6329

Commercial Inspection
Joel Lyles 949-724-6139

Residential Remodel & Room Addition Family Dwelling Inspection
Ismael Gallegos 949-724-6666

New Residential Inspection
Regina Mauro 949-724-6546