Building Plan Check

Plan Check Engineer Review
Plans submitted in connection with a permit application will be reviewed by the City Plan Check staff for compliance with the provisions of all City adopted codes and regulations, and for compliance with the State mandated energy conservation standards and handicapped accessibility regulations. The permit application may be approved after the first review, or the permit applicant will receive a plan check correction list indicating all issues that need to be clarified or corrected before the plan can be processed for permit issuance.

Plan Check turnaround times are defined in Informational Bulletin No. 279.

Review by Other Departments
All applications for new development, building expansions and major code compliance review are routed to other sections for review. Planning staff will verify compliance with land use and development standards. Public Works staff will review issues related to public roads and streetscapes. Community Services staff will review waste management plans submitted per the requirements of the Construction and Demolition OrdinanceOrange County Fire Authority will review projects for compliance with fire regulations. Comments from each section will be forwarded separately to the applicant. No permits will be issued until all sections have approved the application. 

For more information on this process or on a specific application, please call (949) 724-6313