Key Amendments

The following are noteworthy local amendments to the 2022 California Building Standards Code (CBSC). Complete CBSC adoption and local amendment information can be found in Division 9 of Title 5 of the Irvine Municipal Code.

2022 CBSC Administrative Amendments

Permit Application and Permit Expiration

Type Expiration Condition Available Extensions
Permit application       (code enforcement)     30 days after filing      30 days - one or more
Permit application (all others) 12 months after filing 6 months - max. one

Permit (code enforcement)

30 days after issuance 30 days - one or more
Permit (all others) 12 months after issuance*

12 months – max one

*Regardless of permit status, permits for residential remodel projects shall become invalid 18 months from date of issuance, unless approved in writing by the Building Official. 

*For expiration of building permits issued under the previous code cycle, refer to City Council Ordinance NO. 19-14.

2022 California Building Codes - Vol. 1&2 (based on 2021 International Building Code)

1. Fire sprinklers are required for:               

  • New non-residential buildings when the total building area exceeds 5,000 square feet or the building is more than two stories in height, except for open parking garages subject to approval of the Fire Code Official when in accordance to section 406.5 of the California Building Code.
  • Any existing non-residential building and its additions when one of the following conditions exists:
    • When an addition is 33% or more of the existing building area, and the resulting building area exceeds 5000 square feet.
    • When an addition exceeds 2000 square feet, and the resulting building area exceeds 5000 square feet.  
    • An additional story is added above the second floor regardless of fire areas or allowable area.
  • New residential buildings.
  • Any existing residential building and its additions when the floor area of alterations and/or additions within any two-year period exceeds 50 percent of gross floor area of the existing structure and the building gross floor area exceeds 5,500 square feet.

2. Buildings located in any Fire Hazard Severity Zone are required to comply with special provisions of Chapter 7A for exterior wildfire exposure.

3. All new roofs shall be covered with Class A material in accordance to UL 790 or ASTM E 108. For re-roofing, where less than 50 percent of a roof covering is replaced within any one year period, Class A roofing shall be used, unless the existing roofing to remain has a Class B or lesser rating, in which case the replacement roofing may be reduced to Class B.

4. City Security Code Municipal Code (see Title 5, Division 9, Chapter 5)

2022 California Electrical Code (based on the 2020 National Electrical Code)

1. All outside wiring on private property shall be underground.

2. Aluminum conductors No. 6 and smaller may only be installed with prior approval by the Chief Building Official and shall require continuous inspection during installation by an independent testing agency for proper torqueing of connections at their termination point.

2022 California Plumbing Code (based on the 2021 Uniform Plumbing Code)

1. Prohibition of automatic or self-regenerating water softener units.

2. Galvanized malleable iron, galvanized wrought iron or galvanized steel are prohibited materials for use underground.

3. All pipe used for exterior underground piping system shall be approved polyethylene or other approved non-metallic pipe, tubing and fittings.

The City of Irvine publishes Informational Bulletins that documents our Code interpretations and policies.

The City maintains a Grading Manual and a Grading Code covering the City's Grading procedures.

The City of Irvine Public Works Department maintains an Engineering and Landscape Standards and Design Manual.