Key Amendments

The following are key amendments listed under the applicable code. For code adoption and complete amendments, see Title 5, Division 9, Chapters 1, 2 and 3 at Municipal Code.

2016 California Building Codes (Vol. 1&2)

  1. Fire sprinklers are required for: 
    *New non-residential buildings when the building area exceeds 5,000 square feet, or regardless of area when the number of stories exceeds two, except open parking garages subject to approval of the Fire Code Official when in accordance to section 406.5 of the California Building Code. 
    *Any existing non-residential building and its addition when the addition adds more than 1,000 square feet in gross floor area and the cumulative gross floor area of addition plus existing exceeds 6,000 square feet; 
    *New residential buildings
    *Any existing residential building and its addition or additions when the addition or additions adds more than 50% of the existing gross floor area in any two year period, and the cumulative gross floor area of the addition or additions plus existing exceeds 5,500 square feet of gross floor area.
  2. Buildings located in identified very high fire severity zones require special provisions identified in our building code.
  3. All new roofs shall be covered in roofing material meeting a Class A classification in accordance to UL 790 or ASTM E 108. For re-roofing, where less than 50 percent of a roof covering is replaced within any one year period, Class A roofing shall be used, unless the existing roofing to remain has a Class B or lesser rating, in which case the replacement roofing may be reduced to Class B. 
  4. City Security Code Municipal Code (see Title 5, Division 9, Chapter 5)

2016 California Electrical Code (Based on the 2014 National Electrical Code)

  1. Special provisions restricting use of aluminum wiring. (See 5-9-404 City of Irvine Municipal Code)
  2. Special provisions prohibiting the use of overhead wiring

2016 California Plumbing Code

  1. Regenerating self contained water softeners are prohibited.
  2. Galvanized malleable iron, galvanized wrought iron, or galvanized steel are prohibited materials for underground water piping.
  3. Underground gas piping shall be approved polyethylene or other approved non-metallic material

The City of Irvine publishes an Informational Bulletin that documents our Code interpretations and policies.

The City maintains a Grading Manual and a Grading Code covering the City's Grading procedures.

The City of Irvine Public Works Department maintains an Engineering and Landscape Standards and Design Manual.