The Subdivision Map Act of the State of California governs the subdivision of land for the purpose of sale, leasing or financing. Under this law, the City of Irvine has both the duty and the authority to see that public objectives are met during the subdivision process.

A tentative parcel map is filed for the division into four or fewer residential lots or non-residential subdivisions. A tentative tract map is required for division into five or more residential or non-residential lots. Community Development Staff will serve as the project manager for tentative parcel and tentative tract maps.

The City’s Public Works Department—Development Engineering Section, is responsible for administering the following applications:


  • Abandonment
  • Certificates of Compliance
  • Easement Deeds 
  • Final Maps 
  • Lot Line Adjustments 
  • Lot Mergers 
  • Reversions to Acreage


All Subdivision applications, including those listed above, are submitted to the Planning Counter in Community Development.

Subdivision applications are processed in accordance with the Subdivision Map Act of the State of California and the City of Irvine’s Subdivision Ordinance. The Subdivision Manual is a supplementary document intended to guide staff and applicants.


Section UL
1. City of Irvine Municipal Code (Sections 5-5-103 thru 5-5-1703)
2. Flood Map
3. Standard Conditions
4. Subdivision Information Sheet
5. Subdivision Manual
6. Subdivision Ordinance
Subdivision References
Section UL
1. City of Irvine Engineering Design Manual and Standard Plans
2. City of Irvine Park Dedication Standards
3. City of Irvine Park Standards
4. FEMA Map Service Center
5. Orange County Land Records
6. The Subdivision Map Act