Special Inspection Requirements

Chapter 17 of the California Building Code defines special inspections requirements. In addition, the City of Irvine has issued two Information Bulletins, Information Bulletin 278 Requirements for Statement of Special Inspection, and 284 Special Inspector Manual establishing policies for the enforcement of these requirements.

A copy of the Special Inspection Manual may be obtained at the reception desk located in the Community Development Department lobby.

Or you may click here to download a copy

The Special Inspection Manual states in part:

“All special inspectors who perform work in the City of Irvine shall first obtain approval from the City of Irvine for the particular type(s) of construction or operation subject to special inspection.  The special inspector’s name and City of Irvine Special Inspector approval number shall be included on all documents submitted to the City.

Any person wishing to obtain City of Irvine approval as a special inspector shall submit a complete application and provide evidence of qualification for each type of construction or operation for which application is made. Examples of suitable evidence include certification from a nationally recognized agency such as ACI, AWS, ICBO; certification from the City of Los Angeles is also acceptable.

Special Inspector approvals must be renewed annually.  At the time of renewal, evidence of qualification must be shown to be current.”

Please call the Building and Safety Division Receptionist at 949-724-6470 to obtain an application.

Or you may click here to download an application 

If you have other questions about this program, please call Joel Lyles 949-724-6139.