Residential Beekeeping

The Irvine City Council voted May 10, 2022 to approve an ordinance to allow residential beekeeping as an accessory use in certain residential neighborhoods. This ordinance allows beekeeping in select residential areas through the creation of residential beekeeping regulations and the establishment of a Best Management Practices Manual. The approved ordinance also addresses emergency abatement procedures in the event that bee hives create a public health and safety concern.

Residential Beekeeping Permit Required

Residential beekeeping is now allowed in single family detached homes and single family attached homes with single property ownership in the following zoning districts: 2.1 (Estate Density Residential), 2.2 (Low Density Residential), 2.3 (Medium Density Residential), 2.4 (Medium High Density Residential), 2.5 (High Density Residential), 3.1 (Multi-Use), and 8.1 (Trails and Transit Oriented Development). A permit is required before bees may be kept on any property in Irvine. Furthermore, beekeepers within the City of Irvine are expected to follow City of Irvine Best Management Practices.

A residential beekeeping permit application is required for the issuance of the permit. Prior to the issuance of a permit, the Planning Division will review the application to ensure all requirements are satisfied and the Code Enforcement Division will conduct an inspection to ensure that the beekeeping operation is consistent with the project plans submitted. Residents may submit applications electronically at


Residential Beekeeping Applications:

Residential Beekeeping Information Sheet

Residential Beekeeping Permit Application 

Property Owner Acknowledgement Form 

Residential Beekeeping Plan

Residential Beekeeping Regulatory Documents:

Residential Beekeeping Ordinance

Best Management Practices

Approval History:

March 17, 2022 Planning Commission Staff Report

March 21, 2022 Finance Commission Staff Report

April 26, 2022 City Council Staff Report

Additional Documents:

Bees in Irvine FAQ

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