IMPORTANT NOTICE-EVICTIONS and RENT INCREASES: The Irvine City Council approved a resolution on March 24, 2020 to address evictions and rent increases within the City. The resolution strongly discourages landlords from evicting tenants or increasing rents during this crisis where non-payment is a result of COVID-19 and the related mitigation efforts. If your landlord has notified you of an eviction that is in conflict with the City Council resolution, please provide the contact information of your landlord and any relative documents to

Did you know? Irvine has more affordable housing than any other city in Orange County with 4,569 units and 1,000 more underway. Also, 80% of Irvine’s affordable housing is reserved for households earning less than half of the Orange County median income. Some of these units are reserved for veterans, seniors, or persons with disabilities. Please refer to the links below to learn more about the City’s affordable housing program and for information about other resources available through our nonprofit partners.