Residential Rehabilitation Program

The City of Irvine Residential Rehabilitation Program (RRP) offers financial assistance through 0% interest deferred loans and emergency grants to assist low income homeowners with critical home improvements. Loans or grants are available to assist homeowners in need of health and safety, building code, and accessibility related repairs.

  • Loans become payable upon the sale or transfer of the property and accrue zero percent (0%) simple interest until repaid. 
  • Loans will be secured with a Promissory Note and a Deed of Trust (or a Title Lien on a mobile home in lieu of a Deed of Trust).
  • Only owner-occupied single family attached or detached dwellings or manufactured homes located in the City of Irvine are eligible for funding. 
  • Applicants must earn less than 80% of the Area Median Income for the County as shown in the table below.
  • Emergency grants are available to homeowners requiring repairs estimated to cost $5,000 or less, provided that the homeowner has not previously received a program grant. 
  • Grants are limited to emergency code-related repairs only such as leaking roofs, faulty plumbing/wiring, or other repairs necessary to prevent injury to occupants or that render the home inhabitable.
  • For homeowners requiring more than $5,000 of emergency repairs or for those homeowners who have previously received program grants, deferred loans are available up to $50,000.   

For additional information regarding Residential Rehabilitation loans or grants or to put your name on the interest list, please contact Affordable Housing at 949-724-6114 or by email at