Past Exhibitions

Fine Arts Center Exhibitions: 2021

  High School Art Exhibition (pdf)  |  View exhibition installation here
  Soft Architectures (pdf)  |  View Artist Talk  |  View exhibition installation here
  Constellation (pdf)  |  View Artist Talk  |  View exhibition installation here

Fine Arts Center Exhibitions: 2020

  Small is Beautiful (pdf)  |  View exhibition installation here
  For Modern Resting (pdf)  |  View exhibition installation here  |  View article 1
  A Curious Horizon (pdf)  |  View exhibition installation here
  Surface (pdf)  |  View exhibition installation here
  High School Art Exhibition (pdf) 
  High School Art Exhibition Preview (pdf) 
  A trace is not a map (pdf)  |  View exhibition installation here  |  View article 1, 2
  From Here to There: A Time Machine (pdf)  |  View exhibition installation here  |  View article 1, 2

Fine Arts Center Exhibitions: 2019

  Silver (pdf)  |  View article
  Having Been There (pdf) 
  All Media 2019 (pdf)  |  View exhibition installation here  |  View video  |  View article 1, 2
  Carlos Beltran Arechiga: Place & Displace (pdf) 
  Time Under Tension (pdf)  |  View article
  All Present! (pdf) 
  High School Art Exhibition (pdf)  |  View video
  Paul Gardner: Abstract World (pdf)
  Joseph Paul Gerges: QUIETUS (pdf)
  Gary Brewer: The Shape of Time - A Ten Year Survey (pdf) 

Fine Arts Center Exhibitions: 2018

  Re:balance (pdf)  |  View video  |  View article
  Pleasure at a Distance (pdf)  |  View video 
  All Media 2018 (pdf)  |  View video 
  Moving At A Snail’s Pace In Geologic Time (pdf)  |  View video  |  View article
  Lesley Kice Nishigawara: Repeat (pdf)  |  View video
  Present Tense: UCI Graduate Student Exhibition (pdf)
  High School Art Exhibition (pdf)  |  View video
  LAND (pdf)  |  View article 1, 2

Fine Arts Center Exhibitions: 2017

  Rooted (pdf)  |  View video 
  Shelter (pdf)  |  View video
  The Reverberations of Causes and the Avalanches of Creation (pdf)  |  View video 
  All Media 2017 (pdf)  |  View video  |  View article
  You Have No Sound: Kim Kei (pdf)
  High School Art Exhibition (pdf)  |  View video  |  View article

Fine Arts Center Exhibitions: 2016

   New Dimension (pdf)  |  View video
   All Media 2016 (pdf)  |  View video
   FOUND (pdf)
   High School Art Exhibition & Imagination Celebration (pdf)
   Y(OURS) (pdf)

Fine Arts Center Exhibitions: 2015

   Near (pdf)
   All Media 2015 (pdf)
   Structure Synthesis: Rob Brown and Melissa Manfull (pdf)
   High School Art Exhibition & Imagination Celebration (pdf)
   Flora and Fauna (pdf) 
   History Repaints Itself (pdf)
   In Our Nature (pdf)