Jewelry Open Studio

Jewelry Open Studio

The Jewelry Studio is equipped with jewelry casting and fabricating equipment including casting centrifuge, burnout ovens, torches, hydraulic press, polishing and finishing machines. Jewelry Open Studio includes participants actively working in three areas – casting, enameling, and fabrication. The Open Studio Refresher class covers studio etiquette, safe usage and practices with IFAC equipment. NOTE: Successful completion of the Jewelry Refresher class and quiz does not include Casting Certification. To obtain Open Studio Casting Certification, individuals are required to have completed a recent (Fall 2023 or later) IFAC Introduction to Lost Wax Casting class and pass the Jewelry Refresher Casting quiz.

Previous studio experience and closed toe shoes are required. Participants must be 18 years or older. For more information please call the Irvine Fine Arts Center front desk: 949-724-6880.


  1. A) For Jewelry Certification for Fabrication or Enamels: One complete class taken at IFAC or equivalent class experience.
    B) For Casting Certification: One complete Introduction to Lost Wax Casting class taken at IFAC (Fall 2023 or later). Class must be taken at IFAC, no exceptions.
  2. Complete Jewelry Studio refresher class.
  3. Pass a quiz to demonstrate your level of understanding of studio use.
  4. Complete an Open Studio Agreement.
  5. Register for studio sessions at

Jewelry Open Studio Hours:
Open studio sessions available by registration.

Irvine Residents & Non-Residents
$19 per session

Please note:
Open Studio sessions are subject to change and are supervised by studio technicians and volunteers.

Register for classes online at

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