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Christine Atkinson
Austin Irving
Rachelle Mendez

Exhibition: June 20–August 1, 2020

A Curious Horizon presents photographic and sculptural works by Christine Atkinson, Austin Irving, and Rachelle Mendez that explore our perceptions of, and relationships to, the world and our sense of place within it. Uncanny doorways, artificially encased exotic flora, and pastel-hued images of empty suburban spaces converge to evoke subtle and powerful statements on the precarious nature of the environments we’ve built and reshaped.

the sun must be hidden

Sara Jimenez
in collaboration with Lau Nau

Exhibition: June 20–August 1, 2020

the sun must be hidden is a multi-channel video and sound installation by Brooklyn-based Filipina-Canadian artist Sara Jimenez that explores notions of femininity coupled with histories of the Philippines. Inspired by her extensive research on the geography and economies of the islands, Jimenez creates an environment that merges realism and surrealism, resulting in a haunting and visually rich experience. The installation features sound-work by composer and producer Lau Nau, created in response to Jimenez’s research.

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