Exhibition Proposals

Exhibition proposals are evaluated annually by Irvine Fine Arts Center staff. Artists and art collectors interested in exhibiting works in a City gallery must submit an Exhibition Proposal form, Artwork Loan Agreement form, curriculum vitae, artist statement, and CD of submitted artwork. Artwork is selected that is broad in scope and diverse in its appeal to provide the community an opportunity to experience artistic expression representative of a wide variety of media, styles, techniques, and subjects.

The annual exhibition schedule is set 12–24 months or more in advance of exhibition dates.

Deadline to submit applications for the July 2024–June 2025 exhibition schedule: September 30, 2023

Deadline to submit applications for the July 2025–June 2026 exhibition schedule: September 30, 2024

Please note: submission is for review only, not a guarantee of an exhibition.

Exhibition Proposal Form

Artwork Loan Agreement

Exhibition Policy