Lectures & Series

Education Lectures

Local community organizations provide virtual presentations on topics of interest to the senior community. Lectures will be conducted via Zoom, the City of Irvine’s official video conferencing software. For a listing of upcoming presentations and to register, visit yourirvine.org. More information: 949-724-6900.

California Phones Smartphone Training

Learn how to use your smartphone online! California Phones from the California Telephone Access Program (CTAP), a program of the California Public Utilities Commission, is helping to keep people connected by offering free Smartphone Training webinars for Android and iPhone users. These group trainings will teach basic  functions  of your  phone,  including  how  to  make  your phone  louder  and  easier  to  hear,  send  text messages,  connect  to  Bluetooth  devices, and  much  more. To register, contact California Phones at 866-271-1540 or smartphonetraining@ddtp.org.