Senior Citizens Council

The Senior Citizens Council advises the Irvine City Council on City policy matters that affect older adults and their families in Irvine. If you would like to contact the Senior Council, you may do so by attending their regularly held meetings or by the telephone number or email address provided below.

Monthly Meetings
Senior Council meetings are open and the public is welcome to attend. Meetings are held at 9 a.m. on the third Thursdays of each month at the Lakeview Senior Center, with the exception of December.

Meetings for 2019

  • January 17
  • February 21
  • March 21
  • April 18
  • May 16
  • June 20
  • July 18
  • August 15
  • September 19
  • October 17
  • November 21

Lakeview Senior Center
20 Lake Road, Irvine CA, 92604

View meeting agendas here.
View meeting minutes here.

Irvine Senior Citizens Council Members

  • Chair Carolyn Inmon (Member at large)
  • Vice Chair Rachel Owens (Appointed by Christina Shea)
  • Councilmember Jerry Chang (Appointed by Anthony Kuo)
  • Councilmember Juneu Kim (Appointed by Melissa Fox)
  • Councilmember Kevin Kondru (Member at large)
  • Councilmember Harish Murthy (Appointed by Farrah N. Khan)
  • Councilmember Bill Sandlin (Appointed by Michael Carroll)


  • Advisory: Act in an advisory capacity to the City Council in establishing policy on matters pertaining to special interests and concerns of senior citizens.
  • Consultancy: Act as a sounding board for persons, schools and organizations who have an interest in senior citizens activities and programs.
  • Budget: Consider the proposed annual budget for the Senior Services section and make  recommendations to City Council.
  • Advisement: Advise in the planning of facilities, transportation, activities, services and programs designed to serve the older adult community in Irvine.
  • Selection of At-Large Members: The selection of the two members-at-large is conducted every two years on odd numbered years in September. For more information about member-at-large positions, contact  Sandra Salcedo at or 949-724-6356.