Lakeview Senior Center

Lakeview Senior Center is a multi-use facility that offers classes and activities catered to people ages 50 and older. This facility includes a game room, meeting room, two multipurpose rooms, a craft room, an auditorium, a studio, a café, a kitchen, a patio, and a rose garden. Additionally, a picnic shelter is nearby in Mike Ward Community Park — Woodbridge. View details about rentable spaces within Lakeview Senior Center below.


The City of Irvine offers a variety of classes at Lakeview Senior Center, including dance, fitness, music classes for those 50 and older; educational and health-focused lectures; and computer trainings and assistance at the Computer Lab.

For all programs and activities currently at Lakeview Senior Center, visit the Programs and Activities webpage here.


Please review the room amenities below. To make a reservation, contact Facility Reservations at 949-724-6620 or You may also fill out an online application here.

Available Facility Reservations

Clarence Nedom Auditorium

The Clarence Nedom Auditorium is a 1,938-square-foot room with wood flooring. It can accommodate banquet- and theater-style seating, with options for a dance area. Room capacity ranges from 100 to 160 attendees, depending on setup. Additional wings of the room can open up to expand the auditorium to 3,078 square feet, increasing capacity to 200 to 260 people, depending on setup.

Pat and Derrel Kay Café

The Pat and Derrel Kay Café is a 4,000-square-foot room with carpet floors. It can accommodate banquet- and theater-style seating, with options for a dance floor area. Room capacity ranges from 100 to 225 attendees, depending on setup. 


The 7,500-square-foot patio space is available as a standalone reservation or with another room rental, and requires additional fees and equipment rental. Maximum patio capacity is 200 to 300 attendees.


Limited use of the warming kitchen is available with an add-on fee and is only permitted with a Pat and Derrel Kay Café, Clarence Nedom Auditorium, or patio reservation. The kitchen includes a microwave, oven, warming cabinet, refrigerator, and ice machine. Food may not be prepared from scratch at Lakeview Senior Center, and must be prepared at another facility and reheated or kept warm using the kitchen amenities. No barbecuing permitted.

Multipurpose Rooms

Lakeview Senior Center's multipurpose room can be reserved as two individual rooms or opened up with the Clarence Nedom Auditorium. Each 570-square-foot room features carpeted floors, and can accommodate classroom or theater-style seating. Room capacity ranges from 20 to 45 attendees per room, depending on setup. 


Meeting Room

Lakeview Senior Center's 625-square-foot meeting room features carpeted floor and can accommodate classroom or theater-style seating. Room capacity ranges from 20 to 45 attendees, depending on setup.

Game Room: Kai-Yu “Clara” Lin

Lakeview Senior Center's 696-square-foot game room features carpeted floor and can accommodate classroom or theater-style seating. Room capacity ranges from 20 to 45 attendees, depending on setup.

Craft Room

Lakeview Senior Center's craft room can be reserved as a whole room or split into two separate rooms. The 891-square-foot room features tile floors and can accommodate classroom or theater-style seating. Room capacity ranges from 20 to 75 attendees, depending on setup. 

Homer Guimond Studio

Lakeview Senior Center's studio is a 816-square-foot room that can accommodate banquet- or theater-style seating. Room capacity ranges from 32 to 45 attendees, depending on setup.

Rose Garden

The Lakeview Senior Center rose garden is available as a standalone reservation and requires additional add-on fees and equipment rental. The garden is 2,660 square feet. Maximum capacity is 50 to 125 attendees, depending on setup.


Picnic Shelter

Lakeview Senior Center includes one picnic shelter available for reservations, featuring four tables and two barbecues. Maximum capacity is 75 attendees.

Policies & Fees

The City of Irvine Community Services Reservation Policy is established to ensure that the use of City facilities and parks aligns with City values, provides fair access to all users, remains fair priced, operates in a fiscally responsible manner, and supports a safe and sustainable community. View the Reservation Policy here.

Reservation Fees & Hours

Lakeview Senior Center's rooms are available for rent; hourly rates vary by room, group, and event type (see the Reservation Policy for more details). Please see the table below for a general overview of fees, or view a PDF version here. Reservations outside of regular operating hours may be subject to additional fees, noted below.

Pat & Derrell Kay Cafe* $400 $271 $338
Auditorium* $500 $225 $281
Clarence Nedom Auditorium* $400 $168 $208
Combo Craft Room 1 & 2 $200 $115 $143
Homer Guimond Studio $200 $110 $138
Kai-Yu “Clara” Lin Game Room $150 $106 $131
Combo Meeting Room 1 & 2 $200 $102 $127
Multipurpose Room #1 $150 $98 $123
Multipurpose Room #2 $150 $98 $123
Craft Room 1 $120 $96 $119
Craft Room 2  $120 $91 $113
Meeting Room 1 $120 $86 $107
Meeting Room 2 $120 $86 $107
Patio $200 $175 $218
Garden $150 $88 $109
Picnic Shelter $200 $53 $65
Kitchen $200 $40 additional charge per reservation day, in addition to reservation fees for the auditorium, cafe, or patio.

*A $20 additional hourly fee will be charged for reservations of premium rooms during primetime hours. Primetime hours are 5–9 p.m. Friday, 9 a.m.–10 p.m. Saturday, and noon–6 p.m. Sunday. Find more information on reservation hours and primetime fees here.

Please note: The above fees apply to room rental only. Events including alcohol will incur additional fees. Other needed services, such as security, porter service, or equipment rentals, are available with additional fees.

Lakeview Center Facility Reservation Fees

General Equipment Rental Fees