All American Asphalt Update

If you have questions or concerns regarding for City of Irvine staff related to All American Asphalt, please call 949-724-6326.

October 16 Update:

At it's October 16 special meeting, the Irvine City Council unanimously voted to direct the Police Chief to initiate the process for revoking All American Asphalt’s business license, and that the process be completed as quickly as possible; and for staff to determine whether a basis exists to initiate the process for revoking All American Asphalt’s land use permit and, if so, to initiate that process, as well.

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October 15 Update and Letter to Residents:

As you may be aware, there is a manufacturing facility in the North Irvine area which we believe is producing odors that are creating a growing public nuisance for residents.  We want you to know that we understand the concern of residents in the area and that the City is taking all actions within its power to eliminate the problem.  The source of the odor is the All American Asphalt plant located north of Portola Parkway.  The plant has been in place for many years and was approved by the County of Orange, prior to the land being incorporated into the City of Irvine.

Regulation of manufacturing emissions and odors, such as those that are likely being released by the plant, lies with an agency called the Southern California Air Quality Management District (AQMD).  Over the last year, the City has worked hard to get AQMD to bring enforcement actions at the plant that would eliminate the odors but, to date, the agency’s actions have fallen short.  Because of this failed enforcement by AQMD, the City is taking all actions within its power to solve the problem.  Earlier this year, the City filed a lawsuit against All American Asphalt for creating a public nuisance.  This extraordinary legal action by the City on behalf residents allows the City to gather information about the plant operations and could allow the City to force a solution that will eliminate the source of the problem.  The City is also leveraging its land use authority to eliminate any expansion of the plant or its manufacturing process beyond the original County approvals, which may be the source of the odor. 

While primary enforcement responsibility lies with AQMD, and the City does not have the power to immediately close the plant or eliminate the odor, please know that the City, through its lawsuit and land use authority, is taking all possible steps to solve the problem as quickly as possible.  The City has established this new web page at , which has a map and will provide updated information regarding efforts to address the problem.  If you notice asphalt odors in the area, we encourage you to register your complaint with AQMD via:

Thank you,

Irvine City Council    


Area Map of All American Asphalt

Complaint for Public Nuisance Abatement

All American Asphalt Response to City's Complaint