Recycling for Property Managers


AB-341 State Requirement to Recycle has taken effect on July 1, 2012, stating the mandatory implementation of a recycling plan by businesses, public entities, and multi-family units in California. To read about the bill and what you can do to stay compliant, please visit our AB-341 page.

3 Good Reasons to Increase Recycling at your Property

  1. Save Money! - By recycling more and throwing away less, you can save money on your garbage disposal costs

  2. After starting a recycling and waste reduction program, cost savings continue for as long as the program is in place

  3. Stay Competitive! - Tenants want to live in a complex that makes recycling a priority. Marketing your complex as a “green” community is a big selling point

Quick Tips

  • Take advantage of the Business Recycling Assistance Program
    Contact the City of Irvine’s recycling consultant, SCS Engineers at 626-792-9593 or to schedule a FREE consultation. They will help you identify opportunities to reduce, reuse, recycle, and save money.
  • Convenience - Recycling should be as convenient as taking out the trash
  • Contamination - Monitor containers to ensure that recycling does not become contaminated with garbage
  • Educating Your Managers and Tenants - It is important that both apartment managers and tenants understand the requirements to recycle, which materials can be recycled and where to place them for collection. Here are some key steps to take:

    • Conduct face-to-face visits with tenants

    • Develop a Recycling Handbook

    • Add language to lease agreements about participation in recycling and composting programs

    • Make clear signage and flyers

    • Consider placing flyers in areas such as laundry rooms or at garbage collection locations.

    • Consider giving flyers to new tenants when the lease is signed, and annually to all other tenants.

    • Consider including recycling requirements in tenant leases.