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Energy Conservation
A local utility company, the Southern California Edison website provides tips on how to use energy in an ecologically friendly way.
Southern California Gas Company provides gas to homes and businesses as well as offering information on energy efficiency, rebates, and emergency safety.
The Go Solar California! campaign is a joint effort of the California Energy Commission and the California Public Utilities Commission. The goal is to encourage Californians to install 3,000 megawatts of solar energy systems on homes and businesses by the end of 2016, making renewable energy an everyday reality. Database of Solar Installers, Contractors, and Retailers in California
Energy Upgrade California is your one-stop-shop for home improvement projects that lower your energy use, conserve water and natural resources, and make your home healthier and more comfortable. 
Cool California’s goal is to provide resources to all Californians in order to reduce their environmental impact.
The Energy Star website provides a complete list of items that are energy star certified and the benefits of purchasing these environmentally friendly products.
Energy Star provides tools to conserve energy while you’re at work.0
Local governments, businesses, organizations, building owners, and individuals can get involved in energy conservation.
The EPA energy saver website can provide you with area-specific energy saving tips. Simply visit the website and type in your zip code.

Clean Fueling Stations
Find electric vehicle charging stations near an address or ZIP code or along a route in the United States.
AQMD EV Charging Incentive Pilot Program
The California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition provides locations for fuel stations throughout the state for natural gas vehicles.

Green Building
State of California’s Green Building Code Standards for development.
The U.S. Green Building Council offers the LEED certification program. LEED is used to distinguish which buildings are considered green buildings based on pre-defined criteria related to environmental sustainability and preservation.
Build it Green offers trusted green building training, tools, technical expertise, and partnership opportunities for key stakeholders including public agencies, builders, developers, architects, contractors, affordable housing advocates, real estate professionals, suppliers, and homeowners.
The Building Industry Association of Orange County provides information on topics related to environmentally conscious construction through its Green Building Guide.
One-Stop Resource for California Incentives for Renewable and Efficiency

Waste Management of Orange County (WMOC) offers services to residential locations and business facilities in the City of Irvine. Visit the WMOC website to find out specific information about your trash pick-up. Also visit for an interactive recycling experience.
CalRecycle is the state’s leading authority on recycling, waste reduction, and product reuse. CalRecycle plays an important role in the stewardship of California’s vast resources and promotes innovation in technology to encourage economic and environmental sustainability.
The Bottles and Cans website provides information regarding the California Redemption Value (CRV) that you receive when you recycle your bottles and cans.
The County of Orange’s WastefreeOC web site offers useful information and tips about recycling, conservation, composting, etc. to residents, businesses, and schools about helping to protect and sustain the environment.
The Department of Conservation (DOC) is a statewide agency that promotes responsible usage of land and a preservation of California resources. The DOC division of recycling offers information about conserving and recycling in order to help protect the environment.
Goodwill of Orange County offers a safe and easy way for both consumers and businesses to dispose of their electronics, working or non-working at no charge. As a state certified collector, Goodwill accepts and recycles all electronics.

Water and Air Quality
Irvine Ranch Water District offers incentives, conservation tips and devices that will help you to continue to reduce your monthly water bill and at the same time save even more water.
The Be Water Wise website offers information about California friendly gardening and xeriscaping in order to conserve water usage.

Car Free/Care Free in the IBC – If you work or live in the IBC consider the i shuttle your personal chauffeur. No more fighting traffic, no more looking for parking – plus you save gas!
The No Drugs Down the Drain Program is state-wide California public outreach program that educates the public about not disposing of unused, unwanted, or expired medications down the drain.
South Coast AQMD is the air pollution control agency responsible for all of Orange County and the urban portions of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino County.
U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicle Data Center provides locations for electric charging stations.
The Irvine Ranch Water District provides water service, sewage collection and water reclamation for the City of Irvine and other outlying cities.
Municipal Water District of Orange County’s mission is to provide reliable, high-quality supplies from Metropolitan Water District and other sources to meet present and future needs, at an equitable and economical cost, and to promote water use efficiency for all of Orange County.
Statewide integrated pest management program. Solve your pest problems in an environmentally-safe way.
Orange County Vector Control District is dedicated to protecting the public by controlling vector related problems.
Orange County Watershed & Coastal Resources Division provides information on protecting waterways and the ocean.

The Master Gardeners of Orange County’s number one priority is to provide residents of Orange County with up-to-date, practical and sound gardening advice that they can use.