City Programs and Resources

Environmental Policies
The City of Irvine’s Environmental Policies

Environmental Programs
The City of Irvine Environmental Programs is focused on providing sustainable tips, resources, and other information to promote eco-living in the City.

City of Irvine Bikeways
The City of Irvine provides a system of bicycle lanes and trails to encourage the use of the bicycle as a safe and convenient means of transportation for both commuting and recreational purposes.

The City of Irvine is making it easier and less stressful to commute from home to work. The iShuttle takes you from your home to many major businesses within Irvine OR to the Tustin Metrolink Station. From there, you can commute using Metrolink’s extensive train system.

Open Space & Nature
The City of Irvine is dedicated to creating and promoting an awareness of our natural community, while encouraging behaviors that ensure the preservation of our open space for generations to come.

General Plan
The City of Irvine’s General Plan is a document outlining the plan for development and growth of the City.
The mission of Great Park Corporation is to develop and operate, preserve and protect Great Park for the benefit and enjoyment of all its visitors.