Single-Use Plastics Ban

The City of Irvine is invested in our community and believe it’s essential to act on topics critically important to our environment such as plastic waste reduction.​ Single-use plastics contribute significantly to pollution, affecting terrestrial and marine ecosystems, endangering wildlife, driving greenhouse gas emissions that exacerbate climate change, and posing risks to human health.

A solution to eliminate single-use plastics in our City is possible through innovative and strategical collaboration with our residents, unique stakeholders, and businesses. The first drafted ordinance brought to City Council on November 28, 2023, was not passed; however, there has been an ask to move forward with the following in order to help combat our City’s emissions and lower future barriers for climate action.​

At its regular November 28, 2023, meeting, the Irvine City Council took the following action:

  • Directed staff to continue stakeholder and community outreach, cost impact analysis, and other measures as needed to refine the program.
  • Directed staff to narrow the scope of this ban to specific categories of single use items, conduct additional stakeholder and community outreach and return for City Council consideration.
  • Directed staff to investigate feasibility and perform additional outreach related to eliminating single use plastic and polystyrene items from City operations.
  • Directed staff to develop a communitywide education campaign to facilitate voluntary reduction in single use plastics and polystyrene items from general use, and additionally, explore the following:
    • Implementing plastic reduction measures at City Hall
    • Collaborating with Waste Management
    • Developing a list of alternative products
    • Banning of plastic straws
    • Education related to the safety of tap water
    • Banning Styrofoam from restaurants
    • Requiring use of aluminum water cans by hotels
    • Encouraging low waste by park facility users
    • Banning the release of balloons
    • Compiling a comparison chart reflecting similarities/differences between Senate Bill 54 and the City’s efforts related to plastic reduction measures

The City understands that implementing this change requires thoughtful consideration of its potential impact on the business community and wants to work closely with local businesses and other key stakeholders for a smooth transition. You are invited to share your feedback about the proposed plastics ban. 

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