Go Solar

Renewable Energy

Customers can save money for every watt of solar energy installed on homes, businesses, farms, schools, and government and non-profit organizations. With advanced technology, strong new incentives, and innovative financing methods,including Power Purchase Agreements (PPA's) now may be the perfect time for homeowners to go solar. Learn more about solar energy, acquiring permits, fees and other forms of renewable energy. As part of the economic stimulus package, the federal government has boosted tax credits to homeowners who install solar – offering the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for up to 26% of the cost through 2022, and 22% of the costs through 2023. The ITC can also offset the cost of battery storage systems when installing solar and batteries at the same time.

Solar Installation

Please visit the Community Development website to find out what rules apply to solar energy systems in the City of Irvine. 

Solarize Irvine

The City of Irvine, in partnership with the nonprofit OC Goes Solar, is excited to announce the launch of Solarize Irvine. This program helps Irvine residents who are interested in going solar and learning about new ways to support the City’s ambitious goal of carbon neutrality by 2030, by providing access to group pricing discounts for solar power and battery storage.

Participants of the Solarize Irvine program will be able to take advantage of program elements including:  

  • Pre-screened contractor selection  
  • Solar 101 workshop 
  • Free site evaluations and quotes  
  • Discounted group purchasing price for solar panels, energy store and EV charging 

The City hosted a Solarize Irvine Launch Workshop Wednesday, June 22 at 7 p.m. This virtual event provided residents an opportunity to learn more about the Solarize Irvine program, the discounts available, and have a chance to speak with the contractors involved. Watch a recording of the webinar here (Access Code: eq4F16+M).

City of Irvine Solar Facilities

The City of Irvine has maintained a longstanding history as a leader in environmental policies and construction. As such, the City continues to enhance its own facilities with solar. View our City of Irvine Solar Facilities list.  



  • Learn about how solar power works, the history of solar and issues related to energy efficiency, safety and financing.
  • Eligibility Criteria and Conditions for Solar Energy System Incentives - SB 1 requires the California Energy Commission to establish eligibility criteria, conditions for incentives, and rating standards to qualify for ratepayer-funded incentives provided by the Energy Commission, the California Public Utilities Commission, and local publicly owned electric utilities.
  • The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) presents the California Solar Consumer Protection Guide.  The CPUC recommends that solar providers give out this guide during their first contact with potential customers.

Solar Water Heaters

Click here for information about solar water heaters (carbon reduced, money saved, and incentives).