Solarize Irvine

The City of Irvine, in partnership with the nonprofit OC Goes Solar, is excited to announce the launch of Solarize Irvine. This program helps Irvine residents who are interested in going solar and learning about new ways to support the City’s ambitious goal of carbon neutrality by 2030, 2035, and 2045 by providing access to group pricing discounts for solar power and battery storage.

The program will be marked by three key phases:

  1. Community Evaluation Panel: OC Goes Solar will recruit members of the Irvine community interested in volunteering on a community contractor evaluation panel to vet and select contractors who wish to participate in the group solar program
  2. Educational Workshops: Once contractors are selected as program partners, OC Goes Solar will host public workshops for registered Irvine residents. The presentation will cover the basics of solar and battery storage, as well as a pre-negotiated pricing structure for the program selected systems. After the presentation, attendees will also have a chance to meet and greet with the selected contractors and representatives from the City of Irvine.
  3. Program Launch: Following the workshop, the program will open for all registered Irvine residents to receive quotes and pursue discounted installation of solar and energy storage systems.

To sign up for program updates, please visit For more information, please refer to the Solarize Irvine press release here


The Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing (SOMAH) Program provides financial incentives for installing photovoltaic energy systems on multifamily affordable housing in California. It is the largest solar on affordable housing incentive program in the country with a budget of $1 billion over 10 years. Low-income residents often experience disproportionately higher energy burdens and can benefit from increased access to affordable clean energy. Right now, multifamily building property owners in Orange County can work with Solarize Irvine program partner OC Goes Solar to access state funding for solar installations on affordable housing. Learn more about SOMAH here. More information can be also be found at

Upcoming Workshops

Solarize Irvine Community Workshop

Thursday, March 14, 6–7 p.m. 
Portola Springs Community Center, 900 Tomato Springs, Irvine

Meet with experts and community-screened solar installers to learn about the benefits and basics of going solar for your home. This workshop is free and open to all Orange County residents. Learn more and sign up at

Past Workshops

Solarize Irvine Launch Workshop

Wednesday, June 22, 7 p.m. via Zoom
The City of Irvine has partnered with 501©3 non-profit OC Goes Solar to launch Solarize Irvine. Solarize Irvine is a limited-run group purchasing program that makes solar energy, battery storage, and home electric vehicle (EV) charging more affordable and accessible for Irvine residents. This workshop gave interested residents an opportunity to learn more about the Solarize Irvine program, discover the discounts available, and speak to the contractors involved. To learn more about Solarize Irvine, visit

Watch the Recording Here

(Access Code: eq4F16+M)