Strategic Energy Plan

The City of Irvine developed a Strategic Energy Plan to outline actions the City can take to reduce energy consumption in municipal operations, and identify effective measures the Irvine community can implement to become energy efficient and responsibly manage energy resources. The objectives of the Energy Plan included analyzing the City’s baseline energy use to project future energy needs, evaluating priorities to meet those needs, and identifying funding opportunities to implement the strategies in the Energy Plan.

Stakeholder feedback was incorporated into the Energy Plan via public workshops and quarterly updates to the Green Ribbon Environmental Committee, and helped form the vision and strategies included in the Energy Plan. Green Committee meeting details are available on our website.

The project began in November 2018 and the Energy Plan was approved by City Council on November 10, 2020. The City Council directed staff to pursue strategies related to building electrification, renewable energy, and electric vehicle charging at City facilities. The City Council also expressed support for continued efforts to work with residents, businesses, and the development community on improving energy efficiency in buildings. 

The November 10, 2020 staff report and presentation to the City Council are available for review.   

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