Cool Block Program

The City of Irvine is developing ambitious, exploratory, and ground-breaking approach to reach community wide and inclusive sustainability.

Irvine joins other California cities to develop the most innovative pathways to carbon neutrality, including the Cool Block program which residents lead their neighbors through a shared learning program to improve sustainability and quality of life in their own neighborhoods.

The Cool Block program also reduces climate emissions and utility bills while building resiliency and local emergency preparedness against climate disasters such as extreme heat, floods, wildfires, and extreme storm events that are already worsening considerably worldwide.

The City of Irvine has partnered with over 25 community organizations and registered over 200 volunteers who are interested and committed to climate action in Irvine. Cool Block teams will meet, discuss, and implement sustainability concepts on topics related to energy efficiency, water conservation, emergency preparedness, social justice, and more! Each Cool Block Team is presented with a suite of action items they can apply to their lives to make a difference, ranging from small to large. 

Program Update

Between January 2022 and January 2023, actions taken by 210 households have reduced a total of 727,516 lbs of CO2. Each household reduced an average of 30% of their home’s carbon emissions.

Do you want to get involved? The program is accepting applications for a new cohort. Please visit the Cool Irvine website or contact

To learn more, and view the videos of recent events visit:

Cool Irvine Launch Event 
January 13, 2022

Virtual Cool City Challenge Celebration with Cool Block Leaders
Nov 2, 2021