Chaparral Park Hill Naming 

Popular Outlook Area Renamed Sunset Point

The Chaparral Park hill, located in the Turtle Rock community, has officially been named Sunset Point after the City of Irvine sought to rename the hill to reflect the area's rich Native American history. The site had been locally known as "Suicide Hill" for the difficult climbs, and the City — seeking a more positive name — consulted with the Acjachemen Nation Tribal Manager and gathered input from the community in a public survey for new names. 

A public survey offered images of the site, suggestions for inspiring names based on the site, and spaces for open-ended entry of name suggestions. The public was encouraged to visit the hill and share feedback through the survey. A virtual public meeting was held March 30 to share findings. 

Thank you to all the community members who took the public survey and joined the meeting to provide input. You can visit the park and enjoy Sunset Point by hiking up the trail located at the corner of Turtle Rock Drive and Sundance.