Community Parks & Centers

City Parks

Community parks are available for rental or drop-in enjoyment. For a complete list of parks, please download the Park & Facilities Inventory to find out which parks have athletic fields/courts, rental rooms, picnic shelters, and more.

Bommer Canyon Preserve 
Bommer Canyon Preserve Cattle Camp
    11 Bommer Canyon Road, 949-724-6835

Colonel Bill Barber Marine Corps Memorial Park  
    4 Civic Center Plaza, 949-724-6715

Cypress Community Park
Cypress Community Center

     255 Visions, 949-724-6190

Deerfield Community Park
Deerfield Community Center

    55 Deerwood West, 949-724-6725

Harvard Community Athletic Park
Harvard Community Center
    14701 Harvard Ave., 949-724-6821
    Harvard Skate Park, 949-337-6577

Heritage Community Park
Heritage Park Community Center

    14301 Yale Ave., 949-724-6750

    William J. Woollett Jr. Aquatics Center 
    4601 Walnut Ave., 949-724-6717

    Irvine Fine Arts Center 
    14321 Yale Ave., 949-724-6880

    Child Resource Center  
    14341 Yale Ave., 949-724-6721       

Las Lomas Community Park
Las Lomas Community Center
    10 Federation Way, 949-724-6844

Los Olivos Community Park
Los Olivos Community Center 

    101 Alfonso, 949-724-6292

Mike Ward Community Park — Woodbridge
    Lakeview Senior Center
    20 Lake Road, 949-724-6900
Northwood Community Park
Northwood Community Center
    4531 Bryan Ave., 949-724-6728

Oak Creek Community Park
    15616 Valley Oak Drive, 949-724-6600

Portola Springs Community Park
Portola Springs Community Center

    900 Tomato Springs, 949-724-6192

Quail Hill Community Park
    35 Shady Canyon Drive, 949-724-6814
Quail Hill Community Center
    39 Shady Canyon Drive, 949-724-6814

Turtle Rock Community Park
Turtle Rock Community Center 
    1 Sunnyhill Drive, 949-724-6734
    Turtle Rock Nature Center, 949-724-6738

University Community Park
University Community Center
    1 Beech Tree Lane, 949-724-6815
    Adventure Playground

Woodbury Community Park
Woodbury Community Center
    130 Sanctuary, 949-724-6840

Other rentable facilities

Sweet Shade Neighborhood Park 

Sweet Shade Ability Center 
    15 Sweet Shade - 949-724-6595

Lakeview Senior Center
    20 Lake Road - 949-724-6900

Rancho Senior Center
    3 Ethel Coplen Way - 949-724-6800

Trabuco Center
    5701 Trabuco Road - 949-724-7300

William Woollett Jr. Aquatics Center
    4601 Walnut Avenue - 949-724-6717

View all City of Irvine neighborhood parks here.

For any questions or comments, email Facility Reservations at or visit the Facility Reservations webpage.

For more information on the City of Irvine's Parks Master Plan, visit the Parks Planning webpage.

For more information on biking in the City, visit the City of Irvine Bikeways webpage.