Portola Springs Community Park

Portola Springs Honors Irvine's Indigenous People

Portola Spring Community Park and Community Center have intentionally designed spaces that help educate the community and recognize the Acjachemen people of ‘U∫rónvanga, now Portola Springs. These spaces represent the City’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and recognition of Irvine’s indigenous people.

The Native American Wing: Acjachemen Room at Portola Springs Community Center

The Native American Wing: Acjachemen Room is a monument to the partnership among the City of Irvine, The Irvine Company, and the Acjachemen people, as well as a dedication to preserving precious homelands and important Native American history. In addition to the Native American Wing, Portola Springs Community Center and Park includes 124 acres of preserved open spaces, trails, and a Native American garden.

Sentinel Signs at Portola Springs Community Park

The three new sentinel signs offer insight into the life of the Acjachemen people, who occupied the area for nearly 10,000 years. ‘U∫rónvanga was a busy village, tool-manufacturing site, and considered a sacred area to the Acjachemen.  

Portola Springs Community Center

Available for Reservations: 

  • Multipurpose Room
  • Patio
  • Native American Wing: Acjachemen Room
  • Meeting Room

For more information, visit the Portola Springs Community Center reservations webpage

Park Amenities

  • Portola Springs Community Center
  • 2 Restrooms
  • 1 Concession Building
  • 4 Drinking Fountains
  • 1 Children's Play Area
  • 5 Open Play Areas 
  • Nature-Themed Playground
  • Native Garden
  • 1 Concession Stand
  • 2 Lighted Softball Fields
  • 2 Lighted Soccer Fields
  • 1 Unlit Soccer Field
  • 1 Sand Volleyball Court
  • 6 Lighted Pickleball Courts
  • 3 Lighted Tennis Courts
  • 6 Barbecues
  • 3 Picnic Shelters
  • 15 Picnic Tables
  • Electrical Outlets

Approximately 32 acres in size.

Available for Reservations: 

  • Softball Fields
  • Soccer Fields

For information on reserving athletic fields, visit the City's Athletics Field webpage, call 949-724-6830, or email fieldreservations@cityofirvine.org.