Ordinance and Requirements

Does My Project Fall Under the City's Recycling and Reuse Ordinance?

The City of Irvine Municipal Code (Title 6, Division 7 – Chapter 10) and the California Green Building Standards Code (“CALGreen” Sections 4.408, 5.408, and 5.713.8) require that construction development, renovation, and demolition projects recycle or otherwise divert construction and demolition debris from landfills. These requirements promote the reuse of resources and help extend the useful life of landfills in compliance with the CALGreen Code and state laws including the California Integrated Waste Management Act (AB939, Sher) and Mandatory Construction and Demolition Waste Diversion (SB1374, Kuehl).

To ensure consistency with the CALGreen Code, relevant changes to the Municipal Code were approved.  Specifically, the City’s Construction and Demolition (C&D) Debris Recycling and Reuse Ordinance (07-18) Irvine Code Title 6, Division 7 – Chapter 10 – covers the size and type of projects listed on the Construction and Demolition Waste Assessment form. Click here to download form.

If your project falls into one or more of the categories listed – you must complete an interactive web based Waste Management Plan (WMP) online form provided on this website (NOTE: This new interactive online form replaces the Excel-based WMP form previously required and provided.)

You must also pay a refundable fee deposit that may be returned to you at project completion upon submittal of a Final Report and Compliance Form and proof-of-waste diversion documentation. Fees will not be collected until your associated plan check has been approved. Upon approval, Community Development will send an email with fee payment information. Please allow 1 – 3 business days for processing. Email status inquiries to: IrvinePermits@cityofirvine.org. or contact Community Development at 949-724-6313 for all related permit fees.
(To download a bond form example click here

Both the new pre-project interactive online Waste Management Plan (WMP) form and the post-project Final Report and Compliance forms can be accessed at the links provided below.

How Do I Apply?

1. Fill out the pre-project waste management plan (WMP)

You will need to click here to access and fill out the electronic interactive online WMP form. The new online WMP form creates a more user friendly system designed for efficiency, eliminating lengthy review and approval times, and automatically calculating for you the minimum amount of project debris required to be recycled or otherwise diverted from the landfill.

After you correctly and completely fill out the WMP form online, in most cases your WMP will be automatically approved by our automated system and you will receive an approval advisory notice from the City via e-mail. (The only exception to this automatic approval is if you are using a self-hauler, i.e., a contractor that is not on the City’s list of franchise waste haulers, which requires City staff review and approval.)

2. Submit the WMP- RELATED Refundable Fee Deposit

After completing the online interactive WMP form as required, you must pay the related fee deposit at the City Permit Counter in the Community Development Department located on the 1st floor prior to permit issuance. Once the permit is issued, you may begin your project.

Note: the fee is calculated by $1.00 per square foot with a cap at $50,000

3. Fill out the post-project final report and compliance form

Upon completion of the project, fill out the POST-PROJECT Final Report and Compliance Form by downloading this file. Click here for a sample report.

4. Submit the post-project final report for approval and fee refund

Submit the POST-PROJECT Final Report and Compliance Form by scanning your final report documents and submitting them electronically via e-mail to CDRecycling@cityofirvine.org. Upon review and approval that all project requirements have been met, the fee deposit will be refunded.

Note: Be sure to include copies of all weight tickets, receipts or other documentation for all disposal and diversion materials that support the final report

Why Did the City Pass this Ordinance?

The City passed ordinance #07-18 in order to increase the diversion of C&D materials that are currently entering the landfill. Many of the products used in construction are valuable resources that can be reused, recycled or otherwise diverted from landfills. Through reuse and recycling, these materials are made available for more beneficial uses, helping to preserve landfill space and conserving our natural resources. The ordinance also helps the City of Irvine stay in compliance with California state mandates requiring all California cities to keep at least 65% of construction and demolition solid waste out of landfills on an ongoing basis.