Multi-Family Recycling

If your community uses individual carts for each residence, please refer to our Household Recycling page. If your community uses shared trash enclosures, please continue reading.

Recycling Programs are Mandatory

Organic Recycling (SB 1383):

SB 1383 is a state law that requires every resident and business to recycle their organic waste in an effort to reduce methane emissions. Multi-family residents with shared trash enclosures are subject to commercial rates. Please see the rate sheet here.

To view which food waste items are accepted into your multi-family property’s food waste collection container, please click here or scroll down to the Downloadable Materials section at the bottom of this page. Some multi-family properties may have implemented a food waste collection service already, while others are still in the process of implementation. For more information on the bill, please visit our SB 1383 page.

Non-organic Recycling (AB 341):

AB 341 is a state requirement for businesses, public entities, and multi-family units in California to recycle. To read about the bill and what you can do to stay compliant, please visit our AB-341 page.

For more information on recycling and trash disposal, you can contact Waste Management of Orange County at 949-642-1191 or by visiting their website at If your multi-unit complex does not have recycling programs, encourage your Property Manager to contact the Irvine Recycles Hotline 949-724-7669 for information on starting a recycling program.

Some other ways to go Zero Waste include:

Downloadable Materials

Non-organic recycling poster

Commercial Properties and Multi-Family Apartment Complexes Food Waste Recycling Poster (8.5x14")

New Organic Waste Recycling Information Flier (8.5x11")