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Nowon-gu, located in the northeast part of Seoul, has a population of nearly 620,000 and has the highest population density within the City.  Seoul is divided into 25 "gu" (or districts), including Nowon-gu.  Nowon-gu is bordered by Mount Surak, Mount Bulam and Chungrangchon Stream and features an abundance of natural forests and scenic mountains. Nowon-gu is a popular destination for hikers seeking a break from city life.

Nowon-gu is home to a number of educational facilities, including the Korea Military Academy, Seoul National University of Technology and Seoul Women’s University, which has given rise to the City being called the “educational district” of northern Seoul. Nowon-gu also has numerous cultural and art related facilities and historic sites, including the Nowon Culture and Art Center.  For more information on Nowon-gu, visit the City’s official website at