Taoyuan, Taiwan

Sister City since 2001

Taoyuan, one of the oldest cities in Taoyuan County, serves as the region’s center of politics, culture and business. The name Taoyuan means "Peach Garden," derived from the City’s early settlers who planted orchards of peach trees.

Located nearly 20 miles from Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, Taoyuan has a population of approximately 380,000. As a result of rapid economic development, Taoyuan has been transformed from a rural, agricultural community to a modern, industrial metropolis. Taoyuan is also a transportation hub with Taiwan Railway and High Speed Rail stations located within its borders.

Taoyuan places a high priority on education, with five senior vocational high schools, eight junior high schools and 19 primary schools. The schools focus on five elements of education: moral, intellectual, physical, team-spirit and the arts. To promote cultural and artistic development, the City periodically holds concerts, sporting events and folk performances. For more information on Taoyuan, visit the City’s website at https://www.tycg.gov.tw/eng/index.jsp