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Seocho-gu, located in the southern part of Seoul, is surrounded by Mount Cheongae, Mount Umyeon and the Han River. Seoul is divided into 25 "gu" (or districts), including Seocho-gu.  With a population of more than 430,000, Seocho-gu is home to numerous cultural and art related facilities and historical sites.

Seocho-gu is referred to as the “City of Corporation and IT Industry” with major companies such as Samsung and Hyundai headquartered within its borders.  As the largest district in Seoul, Seocho-gu’s full-scale development began in 1965. Approximately 20 years later, the City was transformed into an urban sub-center that is home to a variety of first-class cafes, restaurants and hotels.  For more information on Seocho-gu, visit the City’s website at