Be Well OC in Irvine

Did you know that the Irvine Police Department responds to nearly 2,400 mental health-related calls for service a year? Irvine Police Department officers are highly trained in identifying those suffering from mental illness and those in crisis. In addition to patrol response, IPD also supports the community through the department's Mental Health Unit, its partnership with the Orange County Health Care Agency, and its work with the City of Irvine's FOR Families program. 

The City and IPD is always seeking new and innovative ways to deliver essential services to our community, and we take the mental health and well-being of our residents seriously. In addition to the City's existing resources, IPD has now partnered with Be Well Orange County for a one-year pilot program to provide specialized assistance from well-equipped, highly trained professionals to any residents in need of mental health support.

About Be Well OC in Irvine

Be Well OC's Mobile Crisis Response Team is comprised of two crisis counselors who drive to your location and provide in-community assessment and stabilization services. The teams are well-trained and experienced in providing appropriate information, referrals, transportation to services, and additional follow-up support and case management to help address mental health-related situations.

Be Well OC in Irvine is prepared to help with a variety of non-emergency and non-medical, public assistance situations that have historically been handled by Irvine police officers.  For many of those scenarios, Be Well OC in Irvine is well equipped to de-escalate and assist these situations:

  • Mental health crisis
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Public assistance
  • Non-domestic violence family disputes
  • Drug and alcohol abuse/addiction
  • Welfare checks
  • Death notification
  • Homelessness 

The Mobile Crisis Response Team in Irvine is staffed through Be Well Orange County, an innovative organization that leverages the nationally-recognized CAHOOTS crisis response model to: help improve outcomes for those in need, lower overall costs for the community, and support law enforcement and EMS so they can focus on calls where they are needed most urgently. This is an important evolution in how the Irvine Police Department supports those in our community experiencing mental health challenges, and enhances the existing mental health-assistance efforts offered by the City of Irvine.

Learn more about Be Well O.C. in Irvine by watching the video below:

Requesting Be Well OC Services in Irvine

Anyone living in Irvine — regardless of income, location, health insurance status, or any other factor — can request the services of Be Well OC if they're experiencing a non-emergency mental health, substance abuse, and other non-medical crisis.

To request non-emergency services, call the Irvine Police Department's non-emergency line at 949-724-7000. If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

IPD's dispatchers have been trained to triage all calls and assess whether Be Well OC would be best suited to respond. Our staff will confirm your needs match the services offered by Be Well OC and that the situation is non-violent, non-criminal, and does not involve weapons. 

If and when Be Well OC is dispatched out to your location, you will meet with a team of two trained crisis counselors skilled in de-escalation. Together, they can help address the emotional and social well-being of yourself or those involved, and provide additional resources to support you moving forward.

More Information

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