Alarm Permits

City Council Ordinance number 98-15 requires all alarm users to obtain a valid alarm permit prior to using or operating an alarm system.  The alarm permit is issued free of charge and the application can be acquired:

Please allow 7 to 10 business days for application processing.  Additionally, please submit any change(s) online with 10 days.

Alarm users operating a system without the required permit will receive a written warning to comply with the ordinance within 30 days. Thereafter, false alarms occurring at a location without a valid alarm permit will be fined $300.00 per false alarm for commercial locations and $200.00 per false alarm for residential locations.

 Click here to read the Irvine Municipal Code section on "Alarms"


You will incur a fine if your alarm system generates more than three police responses in a consecutive 365-day period.

Before you activate your alarm system:

  1. Be sure you know how to use your system. Your alarm company should demonstrate this after installation.

  2. Secure all doors and windows.

  3. All pets should be properly contained.

  4. Turn off any unnecessary electrical appliances, heaters, air conditioners, or fans.

  5. Make sure your monitoring station knows how to reach you or someone responsible in case of emergency.

  6. After activating the system, leave within the specified time period.

  7. If you return to the alarmed location, turn the system off immediately.

What to do if you accidentally activate the alarm:

  1. Immediately turn the system off.

  2. Use your abort code if you have one.

  3. If your central station verifies alarms, wait for the call. Do not attempt to call them (unless your alarm company specifically instructs you to do so).

  4. Know your password-the central station will need it to verify the alarm.

  5. Make sure anyone with access to your home or business knows the system code and password, and is instructed in operating the alarm.

  6. Have the telephone number of your central station or alarm company handy.

In an effort to reduce the number of false alarms responded to by the Irvine Police Department, a sliding fee scale for false alarms was enacted as follows:


False Alarm #1 - #3 No Fee
False Alarm #4 $100.00 Commercial
$50.00 Residential
False Alarm #5 $150.00 Commercial
$75.00 Residential
False Alarm #6 $200.00 Commercial
$100.00 Residential
False Alarm #7 or more Put on *NO RESPONSE List And
$300.00 Commercial
$200.00 Residential
False Alarm while permit revocation or appeal $300.00 Commercial
$200.00 Residential
False Alarm without permit $300.00 Commercial
$200.00 Residential

*The Irvine Police Department will continue to respond to all Panic and Robbery silent alarms, even when the alarmed location has been placed on No Response. The alarm user will be billed the maximum amount per false alarm.