Firearms Safety

If you own a firearm, its safe storage is one of your most important responsibilities. You must always secure your firearm and ammunition so they are not accessible to children or other unauthorized persons.

Even if you don’t have a gun in your home, it’s important you consider the possibility that your child may someday come into contact with a gun or another child who has access to one.  Just like any other dangerous situation, a simple conversation with your child may prevent an injury or worse.

Tips for Parents

Set some “rules” about guns for your children such as:

  • Never touch a gun.
  • Immediately leave any area where you see a gun.
  • Find an adult and tell them if you see or find a gun.
  • If someone threatens you at school or talks about bringing a gun to school, speak up!  Tell an adult like a teacher or parent.
  • Remind your child that they shouldn’t worry about getting another child into trouble and that they may just be saving their life if they alert an adult. 

Basic Safety Rules:

  • Before handling any firearm, understand how it operates: Not all firearms are the same. Familiarize yourself with the mechanical features of any firearm you intend to use. The best way to ensure you understand the safe operation of a firearm is to take a firearms safety class.  These types of classes are often offered at firing ranges and retail stores.
  • Always safely store and secure your firearm: Safe and secure storage of your firearm is one of the most important responsibilities of firearms ownership.
    • The Irvine Police Department keeps a supply of cable locks for firearms on hand at the Business Desk. These locks are provided, free of charge to Irvine residents.
  • Always lock and store ammunition in a separate location: Secure your firearm and ammunition separately so that they are not accessible to children or other unauthorized persons. Make sure children do not have access to the gun safe/cabinet keys
  • Always treat every firearm as if it were loaded: Do not take anyone's word that the firearm is unloaded - always check for yourself
  • Always keep you firearm pointed in a safe direction: This is particularly important when loading or unloading the gun.
  • Never place your finger inside the trigger guard unless you intend to fire: Your firearm cannot fire unless the trigger is pulled. Ensure that other objects do not touch the trigger.
  • Never use alcohol or drugs before or while shooting: Do not use your firearm if you are on any medication which impairs, even slightly, your mental or physical ability.


For questions regarding firearms safety contact:

Lieutenant Bill Bingham | | 949-724-7117


Gun Take Back Program:

The Irvine Police Department will accept any firearms under our voluntary gun-take-back program. If you are interested in surrendering your firearm, please contact our Business Desk for directions on how to proceed. You can reach our Business Desk Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at (949) 724-7000.