Parking Citation Process

If you have received a parking citation from the City of Irvine you have two options.

  1. Pay a parking citation online or by mail
  2. Appeal a parking citation

Payment plans may be available:

For more information please call 1-866-353-5867 or visit

You may pay your citation by Mail

Follow the instructions on the back of your copy of the parking citation.  You must pay the parking fine within 21 days or be subject to late charges and a DMV registration hold.  Make a check or money order payable to the City of Irvine and write your citation number on your payment.  Do not send cash.  Please send payment to:

City of Irvine
c/o Parking Citation Service Center
P.O. Box 11923
Santa Ana, CA 92711

You can appeal a parking citation

The process for appealing a parking citation consists of three levels of review.

Request for parking citation review form

First Level Review

The first level of review must be made within 21 days of violation or within 14 days of the mailing of the Notice of Delinquent Parking Violation.  For recorded parking review information please call 1-866-453-3603.  You may request a review of your parking citation online at and clicking on Contest Citation. The online form is available for downloading and mailing. You may also obtain a Request for Parking Citation Review form at the front desk of the Irvine Police Department.

  • First Level Review requests are informal, written statements, outlining why the citation should be dismissed, including copies of related documentation.  There is no cost for an administrative review.
  • Your appeal will be reviewed by a parking citation review officer who will determine the validity of your appeal in accordance with the provisions of parking enforcement policy and state law.  A written response will be sent to the appellant after receipt of the administrative review form.
  • Certain violations, such as those written for parking in a fire lane or in a disabled parking space without a permit, WILL NOT be waived.

Second Level Review

If you have a contested a citation and your request to cancel the citation has been denied, you may contest the first level review ruling before a Hearing Examiner.  This hearing may be conducted in person or by written application at the election of the appellant. The second level review administrative hearing must be postmarked within 15 days of the notification mailing of the results of the first level review. To schedule an administrative hearing or for additional information please call 1-866-453-3603.

  • Second Level Administrative Hearings are conducted by an independent referee who will review the administrative file, amendments, and/or testimonial material provided by the appellant and may conduct further investigation or follow-up on their own.
  • State law requires the appellant to pay the original penalty of the parking citation prior to the hearing.
  • State law allows one continuance of the hearing.

Third Level Review

If you disagree with the verdict of the Hearing Examiner, you may file a civil case with the local court. You must file your case within 30 days of the Examiner's verdict and pay all fees required by the court. If the court decides in your favor, any and all penalties, including court fees, will be refunded to you when the City receives written judgment. If judgment is in favor of the City of Irvine, the action is ended and all penalties are forfeited.

If you have any questions regarding filing a civil case, please contact Harbor Municipal Court at 949-476-4699.